Epever UPower-Hi, Hybrid Inverter 5KV


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 Full intelligent digital energy storage equipment
 Supports the battery mode or non-battery mode
 Non-battery mode: charging with solar (Main) and utility (Assist) simultaneously
 (Optional) Surge and reverse connection protections to support the lithium battery system perfectly
 Advanced SPWM technology and pure sine wave output
 PFC technology  high power factor of AC to DC charging and reduces grid capacity usage
 Full digital double closed-loop control
 High tracking efficiency of MPPT no less than 99.5%
 Three charging modes: Solar only, Solar priority, Utility & Solar
 Two AC output modes: Utility priority and Inverter priority
 Self-learning SOC display function
 Multiple LED indicators to dynamic display the status
 AC OUT button to control the AC output directly
 4.2 inch LCD to monitor and modify system parameters
 Remote temperature compensation for batteries
 Optional WiFi or GPRS Remote control by the RS485 isolated com. port
 Optional BMS-Link port, taking the charging and discharging control from BMS
 Customized charging current and discharging limited current
 Supports cold start and soft start
 Comprehensive electronic protection features

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